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Browse our collection of high-quality sewing machines for sale. From basic models for beginners to professional-grade equipment, we have the perfect machine for your needs.

Basic Sewing Machines
Computerized Models
Industrial Machines
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Haberdasheries serve both amateur seamstresses and professionals in the fashion and textile industries. They provide a large selection of high-quality supplies and tools, as well as expert advice and assistance to consumers looking for help with their sewing tasks.

threads, needles, pins, scissors, thimbles, buttons
zippers, ribbons, lace, fabric dyes, sewing patterns
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Alterations & MEBDING

Alteration is the process of fixing new or old clothing, such as decreasing a jacket, skirt, trouser, shirt, or t-shirt to the desired size.
Similarly, clothes can be extended or enlarged to a customer’s preferred size.

Resizing suits
Mending clothes
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Is your sewing machine acting up? Trust our experienced technicians to diagnose and repair any issues promptly. Keep your machine running smoothly with our repair services.

Maintenance Checks
Part Replacements
Troubleshooting Solutions
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